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80% of the customer service question are repetitive. Reduce your support team's time and effort, while simultaneously improving your customer satisfaction. Integrate OMQ Chatbot easily as a plugin in Userlike.

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We improve customer service of 100+ leading companies.

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The OMQ GPT Chatbot on ChatGPT level

All instant messaging services

MMore and more, your customers use instant messaging for private communication. With OMQ Chatbot, you can answer your customers’ inquiries on all channels. Through our partners, we are integrated into WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and your website.

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Only answer once

Answers from the central knowledge base are customized and delivered by Chatbot. Text passages, pictures and links are displayed as chat bubbles. OMQ Chatbot independently creates a dialog of interactive responses through which the customer is asked for the required information.

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The right answers right away

All requests and feedback from your customers and service agents will be used for learning across all products. OMQ products learn from each other, so Chatbot is always ready to use without an additional learning process.

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Integration ETH Zürich

„After the OMQ Chatbot set up, we can answer our students’ questions immediately.“
ETH Zürich - Mark Buschor,
Service Desk Manager
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