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Email Bot - How to Answer Customer Service Emails Automatically

Our Email Bot automatically answers customer emails with Artificial Intelligence and reduces service requests in the email inbox.

Yasmin Altmann

November 11, 2021 · 5 min read

A company that offers various service channels for its customer service is in principle well positioned. However, it is a great challenge to occupy all channels simultaneously and to provide quick responses.

A channel that requires special attention as well as time and manual labor is the email inbox. The mailbox is full because, more often than not, customers’ requests keep coming in– and, although most of these requests are standard questions and are easy to answer, they usually cannot be answered in a timely manner. And not only that: the service staff is also overwhelmed by the amount of requests.

Especially in the age of digitalization, the success of a company stands and falls with good customer service. In this article, we’ll show you how to improve your company’s customer service with our Email Bot OMQ Reply and automatically reply to emails.

Increase of service requests due to growth in online retail

Studies have shown that there is a growth in online retail, which in turn affects customer service too. The research of the Federal Association of E-Commerce and Mail Order Business of Germany bevh for its initials in german) displays evidence to support this is the case Lockdowns and shop closures made it necessary to move to online resources. Additionally, the upcoming Christmas season brought an extra strain on the customer service. Here are some of the figures to from the study:

  • On the first semester of 2021 online retail increased by 23,2%
  • Despite the stores reopening, the growth trend in the industry is steady
  • Approximately one out of every four euros was spent online around Christmas

The challenges of the email inbox as a service channel

Customer expectations are also becoming ever higher, and companies must provide customers with more and more service channels online.

The e-mail is still one of the most popular channels among customers to establish contact with a company - not only in e-commerce, but in any industry.

However, there is usually a problem that should not be underestimated: E-mail requests are often answered too late because they require a lot of manual labor. Customers who have to wait a long time for an answer become angry and do not feel like supporting the company any further, sometimes even changing to the competitors. Another problem is that unsatisfied customers leave bad reviews online, which can discourage other potential customers and negatively impact sales.

Customers’ ever-increasing demands to the company and its customer service also increase the pressure for service agents. They have to answer those requests as fast as they can. Additionally, they have to deal with dissatisfied customers and their complaints, which takes up time and as a result, agents do not have time to solve those unique and complex cases.

More Agents = Less unread emails, right?

The most logical and practical solution to those challenges is to increase the size of your customer service team. However, this might not be the most efficient resource wise because the budget that is required to hire more employees might not be immediately available. Even if it were, there is also the challenge of finding qualified employees that already have outstanding customer service skills. So there must be another way to answer requests in the email inbox fast and efficiently. That’s where OMQ comes in.

Email Bot - How to automate your Emails for Customer Service

To face these challenges, we developed our product OMQ Reply. With the Email Bot OMQ Reply you can answer those email requests automatically, without the need of an agent getting involved. This way, your customers get the answers to their questions immediately and do not have a long waiting time.

This is how OMQ Reply works

OMQ Reply can be integrated fast and easily as a plugin in your ticket system. Through our AI, OMQ Reply automatically detects customer requests, understands the intention behind them and finally answers them. Even if there are several queries in an email, each question can be answered individually. The software highlights the solution in the answer text in color and eventually saves the request as a ticket.

After that, the e-mail inbox contains only difficult and individual cases, because standard requests are dropped! A win-win situation for employees and clients, because everyone gets help. The stress of having to answer every request immediately is eliminated. Clients still get a direct answer. Satisfied customers leave good reviews. which will attract new buyers and put the company in a good light.

The advantages of OMQ Reply at a glance

Due to the fast and efficient answer of inquiries via OMQ Reply the customers benefit from instant responses, while agents can focus on more complex customer service tasks. The virtual employee analyzes emails that arrive in the system and answers them when they are sure they have found the right answer.

The benefits of OMQ Reply in a nutshell:

  • Automatic reply to emails
  • in case of several questions in an email, each one is answered individually
  • solution are highlighted in the reply text
  • solved requests are saved as tickets

Email Bot for any industry

In this article we have focused on e-commerce, but OMQ Reply can be used in any industry. All that is needed is a mailbox, which can hardly save itself from inquiries. This means that OMQ Reply is of course also available in industries such as…

  • Industry
  • Transportation
  • Software
  • Insurance
  • Tourism
  • Public institutions and education

Use Case for Universities

Public institutions such as universities, for example, have to answer a large number of email enquiries. During lecture free period office hours are also eliminated, so that most tasks and questions have to be answered online. And during exam periods or at times when many applications have to be submitted, the emails in the mailbox of the internal offices also accumulate and it can take a long time for students to receive a reply. OMQ Reply can filter out standard queries and answer them independently, theoretically leaving the employees with cases in which the students actually need human help. This would help both parties very easily.

..But that’s not all!

In addition to OMQ Reply, we offer solutions for various service channels. Our products help provide the best customer service to support both customers and businesses. If you want to know more about us or our products, please contact us here or send us a demo request – we look forward to seeing you! :)