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Reduce your support team's time and effort, while simultaneously improving your customer satisfaction. Integrate OMQ Chatbot easily to your website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and as a plugin in Userlike.

OMQ Help supports your customers in finding answers to their questions quickly and autonomously. With the help of OMQ’s artificial intelligence, its autocompletion, and real-time optimization, your customers will be guided directly to the correct answer.

OMQ Contact answers your service requests directly in the contact form. Your customers get an immediate answer and your customer service team does not have to reply manually. Just easily integrate OMQ Contact to your contact form.

OMQ Assist takes over your agents’ manual labor, by having AI suggest the correct answers and creating a reply email. Integrate OMQ Assist as a plugin with ease in Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, OTRS, Zammad, and other ticketing systems.

OMQ Reply analyses incoming customer emails and answers general known questions automatically. Simply integrate our email bot as a plugin in Zendesk, Freshdesk, and other ticketing systems.

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Over 100+ companies trust in OMQ

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Chatbot - Ready to Use: Everywhere and at Any Time

Reduce your support efforts, while simultaneously improving your customer satisfaction.

OMQ Chatbot

Automate Your Chat and Messenger Apps

80% of the customer service question are repetitive. With the OMQ Chatbot, these questions are answered automatically, support efforts are reduced and customer satisfaction is improved through fast and reliable customer service.

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All channels
Ready to use - everywhere and at any time


The most efficient customer service
around the clock

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The OMQ GPT Chatbot on ChatGPT level

Help Page - Helps your Customers Right Away

Your customers will find answers to their questions autonomously and quickly.

OMQ Help

Dynamic and Self-optimizing Help Page

With OMQ Help, fewer requests end up in your ticket system, because customers find a solution immediately with the help of AI and the auto-completion. At the same time, you also relieve your service team, which now has more time for complex customer requests.

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Happy customers

Happy customers due to immediate answers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Real-time FAQ always up to date

The right design for everyone

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Contact Form - Receive a Response Immediately

Customers receive answers immediately - without any waiting time!

OMQ Contact

Real-time Answers for your Contact Form

With OMQ Contact, long waiting times for your customers are a thing of the past. OMQ's AI understands the intention of the customer's request and immediately displays appropriate answers. Best of all, your agents no longer have to answer manually.

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10 min

Fastest integration
Setup within 10 minutes


GDPR compliant

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Reduces requests and manual work of agents

Ticket System Assistant - Always the right solution

Answer requests in seconds with just one click.

OMQ Assist

Answering Assistant in Your Ticket System

Service agents have to answer the same questions over and over again. OMQ Assist takes over this manual work for your agents by suggesting the correct answers and creating response emails.

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85% faster response time
Agents answer more emails in less time.

Callcenter agents

All agents respond with
the same level of quality.

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Highest customer satisfaction
and minimal waiting time.

Email Bot - Understands your Email Inbox

You want to reply to customer e-mails in real time? OMQ Reply makes it possible.

OMQ Reply

Answer Automatically to Email Support Requests

No more unanswered emails and overflowing inboxes! OMQ Reply analyzes incoming e-mails from your customers and responds automatically to known questions. Your customers receive answers by email around the clock.

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State-of-the-art AI with Intention Recognition

Automation the easy way
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Works in over 30 languages

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The holistic system for your customer service

Automate processes and manage your service knowledge across all channels in real time

OMQ Automator Product
OMQ Automator Automate Your Service Processes

With OMQ Automator, you can now automate processes that normally involve a lot of manual work.

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OMQ Knowledge Database Product
OMQ Knowledge Database All Channels - One Knowledge Base

With the central knowledge database, you can answer your customers questions more efficiently on all channels.

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We improve customer service of 100+ leading companies.

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