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Your contact page responds.<br><span>Immediately.</span>
OMQ Contact

OMQ Contact offers your customers the fastest support while avoiding the creation of tickets. Your contact form will be enhanced with OMQ's intelligent customer service software. After the message is written, OMQ’s Artificial Intelligence understands your customers’ concerns and directly suggests a suitable answer. With every request, the software learns independently thus growing constantly better.

Understands your customers

From time to time, customer inquiries are ambiguous even for people. OMQ's AI learns with every inquiry. Thus, it understands that the request "... my frame is broken..." means the same as the question "How can I lodge a complaint about my glasses if they are damaged?".


Red, green, blue, thick, thin, round or square? Is your own branding important to you? Perfect. With us, you have every opportunity to adapt OMQ Contact to your corporate identity.

Always looks good

Is software only available on the computer? Not with OMQ. Our products adapt just as well to smartphones and tablets. Your customers will get an intuitive answer anywhere.

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Integration Klingel Gruppe

In addition to the 32 languages, OMQ provides Klingel with a modern solution that contributes significantly to the sustained increase in efficiency and quality of service.
Klingel Gruppe - Florian Scheel,
Head of Customer Experience
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Fast integration

You can easily integrate the extension into your contact form within 10 minutes.

Immediate help

Delight your customers with an immediate answer even when they don't expect it.

Lower service volume

Not only are your customers happy, but you will also enjoy less work.

Free trial version

With only little effort you can reduce your service volume by half.

  • 14-day trial

  • Simple setup

  • Can be cancelled at any time