Email questions resolved immediately
Without an agent.

Email questions resolved immediately<br><span>Without an agent.</span>

OMQ Reply automates responses to emails. With this, the system replaces the manual work of agents. Recurrent requests from your customers are automatically recognized and answered by the system. A ticket is created from the communication flow and closed immediately. Your agents can then concentrate on challenging and individual cases.

Understands your inbox

Your customer wants to add an item to their order. OMQ Reply knows exactly what they mean. Artificial intelligence understands the intent of the customer. The system then recognizes that a change should be made to the purchase order.

Everything at a glance

Your customers' emails often contain different questions. Keeping track is not easy, but for OMQ Reply it is. Individual questions are automatically filtered out and highlighted together with the solution in the response.

Automatic documentation

Great documentation is the be-all and end-all for continuous improvement, and this also applies to customer service. Your service staff manually enter the progress of the service requests into the ticket system. OMQ does that too, automatically. Answers are entered into the tickets and marked as closed.

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Integration MAGIX

For over 6 years we have been using OMQ Contact for our customers and OMQ Assist for our ticket system, all OMQ products.
Magix - Jörg Wenzel
Head of Customer Service
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answer as quick as a flash

Do you want to answer customer emails in real time? OMQ Reply makes that possible.

24/7, 365 days

You are hiring an employee into the team, who needs no sleep or vacation.


OMQ Reply works without training in the same setting as your agents.

Free trial version

With only little effort you can reduce your service volume by half.

  • 14-day trial

  • Simple setup

  • Can be cancelled at any time