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Automate Your Chat and Messenger Apps

80% of the customer service question are repetitive. Reduce your support efforts, while simultaneously improving your customer satisfaction. Easily integrate the OMQ Chatbot on your website and messenger apps.

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The OMQ GPT Chatbot on ChatGPT level

State-of-the-art AI with Intention Recognition

OMQ's artificial intelligence understands the intention of the customer's question, no matter how they express themselves. The AI works in over 30 languages and immediately provides suitable answers.

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State-of-the-art AI with Intention Recognition

Automate Service Processes

Easily connect the OMQ chatbot to your backend system. Our chatbot queries relevant data in the chat, performs an action in the backend system, and then displays appropriate information. Changes are entered directly into your backend system. Automate queries such as:

Change address or personal data
Request order status and information
Subscribe or cancel a contract
and 1,000 other use cases
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Automate Service Processes

Ready to Use - Everywhere and at Any Time

The OMQ Chatbot does not need to be trained and thanks to its ready-to-go dialogues it can be used immediately. The integration into your chat system is foolproof and only takes 10 minutes. Integrate the OMQ Chatbot easily to your website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and as a plugin in Userlike or Zendesk.

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Modes of Behavior and Agent Forwarding

If customers have a complex request, the chatbot recognizes this and can forward the customers directly to a service agent. You can easily decide on the different bot behavior modes, such as service times or firewall (chatbot is only online at certain times or 24/7).

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The holistic system for your customer service

Automate processes and manage your service knowledge across all channels in real time

OMQ Automator Product
OMQ Automator Automate Your Service Processes

With OMQ Automator, you can now automate processes that normally involve a lot of manual work.

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OMQ Knowledge Database Product
OMQ Knowledge Database All Channels - One Knowledge Base

With the central knowledge database, you can answer your customers questions more efficiently on all channels.

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We improve customer service of 100+ leading companies.

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A Chatbot for Every Industry

With the help of the OMQ Chatbot, we support our customers from all industries to provide the best customer service around the clock, increase customer satisfaction and relieve the service team.

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