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Knowledge database

All Channels - One Knowledge Base

With the central knowledge database, you can answer your customers questions more efficiently on all channels. You can manage all your service knowledge here and make changes for all channels in real time.

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Quote of Head of Service Desk of ETH Zurich

Head of Service Desk at ETH Zurich

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Full control
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No-Code Editor

Service knowledge in real time with artificial intelligence

With the central knowledge database, changes to service knowledge are immediately available on all communication channels. With the help of our artificial intelligence, the right answers are displayed to customers everywhere. The AI works immediately out-of-the-box and is pre-trained.

Pre-trained AI
Changes available in real time
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Easy to customize with the no-code editor

Questions and answers as well as categories can be easily created and managed in the knowledge database. Various elements such as texts, links, multimedia content, downloads and source codes as well as interactive answers can be easily created with the no-code editor - without any IT knowledge.

Quickly create new content
No design effort required
Use without IT knowledge
Knowledge base editor

Multilingualism with automatic translation

You can translate entries with just one click. Automatic translation is available in over 30 languages. Our AI is able to understand customer requests in all these languages and show the right answers.

Flags of supported languages
Knowledge base translate feature

Reports and analyses

In the reports, you can see which questions have been answered and how often. In addition, we prepare regular analyses and provide specific advice on topics that are frequently asked and are still missing in the knowledge database. In this way, we help you to increase efficiency even further.

Concrete action recommendations
Continuous improvements
Knowledge base reports

Styles and individual rights management

Using the "Styles" module, you can easily design your help and contact pages yourself and adapt them perfectly to your branding or, for example, design the same content differently for different pages. There are also numerous settings for managing users, rights and the visibility of entries.

The perfect design for everyone
Different brandings for multiple websites
Individually manage rights and users
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