Deutsche Bahn Connect: support requests from all over the world

DB Connect integrated OMQ's Artificial Intelligence back in 2013. With the help of the intelligent knowledge database, customer service has improved significantly.


Industry: Transport

Customer since: February 2013

Region: Europe

Employees: 300

DB Rent GmbH is a part of Deutsche Bahn's business field. Amongst others DB Connect offers vehicule fleet plans and mobility modules.

OMQ Contact and OMQ Assist in use

The DB Connect is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn and offers, besides the known business areas in carsharing “Flinkster” and bike rental systems “Call a Bike”, numerous other services. The following products are among these services: consulting for mobility plans and realignment of fleet, professional fleet management, finance leasing, and chauffeur service.

65% of DB Contact requests enter through the contact form; however, the total number of customer requests per day strongly depends on the seasonal market. For example, during summer season the bike rental system experiences an increase in its request volume. Every day a large number of customer inquiries about booking, cancellation, app use arrive to the customer service department. Through the implementation of OMQ products the number and response time of customer service requests were able to be reduced, thanks to OMQ Connect and OMQ Assist.

Concept design for customer service

With the help of the performed analysis, the structure of the knowledge base was reworked to increase the solution rate of the OMQ systems even further. Additionally, an analysis of the service processes was carried out to increase customer service efficiency and as well as to improve the service levels. To get a better insight of the structures and processes of customer service, numerous conversations with managers as well as with employees were carried out.

Based on that data, a comprehensive plan was created, with its main focus being on working with OMQ systems. The final step of the analysis was the presentation of the service processes, which identified possible points of improvement in the customer service.

Kundenservice DB Connect

Used products:

OMQ Contact

OMQ Help

OMQ Assist

Success and further development

OMQ Contact, which is directly integrated in the contact field, reduces the number of customer requests, while the processing time of arising tickets is, in a similar way, reduced through the use of OMQ Assist. The recommendations for improvement provided on the basis of the service analysis, also contributed to the reduction of customer inquiries.

DB Connect is an international operating company, therefore it is important to offer customer service and support in many languages. Through the multilingualism of OMQ products, for example, requests in English are answered more easily. The OMQ systems have automatic speech recognition, which suggests dynamically matching text modules to their respective language in real time. Thus, the company achieved an additional advantageous optimization in internal service processes. Based on the great success with the implementation of both OMQ Contact and OMQ Assist, DB Contact decided to integrate more OMQ products to their customer service.

"Besides OMQ Conntact, we also use OMQ Assist. With this extension we can create new products at the touch of a button and optimise our processes. Therefore, our knowledge base is always up-to-date. The clear interface makes it very easy to manage the questions and answers."

DB Connect - Kathrin Bergmann
Customer Service Manager

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