Customer Centricity with AI based customer service – Case Study simplesurance

Manuel Kester, COO of simplesurane GmbH, was guest speaker at our workshop Customer Centricity and reported on the use of our OMQ Technology. Here you can read more about the case study of simplesurance.

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At our Customer Centricity Workshop in Berlin, guest speaker Manuel Kester, COO of simplesurance GmbH, introduced the InsureTech company and reported on the successful use of OMQ software in customer service.

More and more people are taking out their insurance online. This requires a high level of service every day. How simplesurance GmbH masters this challenge in conjunction with OMQ is explained in this article.

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About simplesurance

Founded in 2012, simplesurance is a technology company in the insurance field. The company has 150 employees with 30 different nationalities, with an office in Berlin and, since 2018, also in Tokyo. The technological platform is used internationally in 29 countries. With a focus on the distribution of non-stop insurance solutions in the digital sector, simplesurance is among the most successful Top 100 InsureTech companies worldwide.

What simplesurance does

The core territory of the company is the provision of cross-selling solutions for the e-commerce and fintech sector. Simplesurance integrates itself directly into online shops (mostly in the shopping cart) and offers a value-added service there. The online shop can then offer the customer, in addition to its product, insurance and warranty extensions. As a result, simplesurance is under the exceptionally close supervision of its integration partners, which means that the quality of customer service must be particularly high.

In addition, the company offers a B2C Website, which allows end users to insure their devices for up to 3 months after purchase. As the latest product, simplesurance has developed a broker app that handles the entire insurance portfolio as a digital broker for the customer. Here again, the company offers the customer a “24/7 service”.

Customer focus at simplesurance

For the digital distribution of insurance solutions, customers expect support that is available around the clock. Simplesurance works particularly transparently and offers the customer a completely digitized service, in which even damage reports can be submitted at any time, which are then processed fully automatically.

Customer service and customer experience

At simplesurance GmbH, customer service works under the motto “Customer Service is an Attitude not a Department”. In order to digitize the customer experience, simplesurance uses a special software infrastructure for customer service, where the selection criteria are mainly based on configuration, flexibility, and reliability. These conditions are particularly important because of the international scope since different countries are often launched within a month.

The basic infrastructure uses the Zendesk ticketing system. OMQ is deployed for automatically answering customer inquiries. For the introduction of OMQ, among other criteria, it was crucial that new countries and new languages could be added directly and without integration effort. In addition, quick adaptation of the content was important for simplesurance.

OMQ Help in action at simplesurance

OMQ Help is integrated into the help page of simplesurance, which makes it a dynamic FAQ and help page. Here the questions are sorted and displayed by their current inquiry frequency in real time.

For simplesurance, simple and quick integration was particularly important and fascinating.

“Configure in the backend, insert a code snippet, and it’s live”, says Manuel Kester.

Simplesurance uses OMQ Help in 9 languages and 28 countries. The company had an implementation time for it of about one hour. “These are exactly the tools you need if you want to work efficiently, and this works extremely well,” continues Manuel Kester.

OMQ Contact in action at simplesurance

OMQ Contact is linked to the e-mail form on the contact page. With it are grouped the top 3 most frequently asked questions about the current user behavior.

The digital insurance industry is experiencing a particularly high volume of service requests. Personnel costs are, as in any other company, an important topic. Added to this is the current shortage of skilled workers, which puts the focus on increasing efficiency. For simplesurance it was important to find a solution that intercepted as many customer requests in advance as possible in order to relieve customer service and at the same time increase the quality of service.

That’s why OMQ Contact with automatic analysis by Artificial Intelligence is exactly the right software for simplesurance. While the customer is typing in his question, suitable answers are displayed in real time under the contact form. This means that the customer does not submit his request. This significantly reduces manual effort in customer service.

About the integration of OMQ Contact Manuel Kester says here too, “super simple”. He also envisions a service tool. In the configuration, the user can easily try out many features themselves. No IT or product team is necessary for this.

The solution rates of OMQ Contact and OMQ Help

The use of OMQ Help and Contact is very successful at simplesurance GmbH. With OMQ Help the average solution rate amounts to 61%. The rate is very constant over the whole year. With OMQ Contact, 76% of customer emails are even resolved directly on the website prior to submission. This means that 76% of customers do not submit their request because they get the right answer in real time next to the form as they type. In the self-service process, so many requests are automatically answered that there are 3-4 fewer employees occupied with manual replies. These employees may be engaged in other tasks or may not need to be recruited.

For simplesurance the solution rates clearly show that they have made the right choice with OMQ software. The efficiency of the system and the financial benefits also represent a major economic advantage.

Multilingualism in the OMQ system

The OMQ system supports 32 different languages. Due to the international scope, this is a big advantage for simplesurance. Different permissions can be assigned to different employees. Competent employees can easily complete, change, or add translations to questions in the OMQ Knowledge Base. The changes are immediately available to the customer in real time on the websites of the respective countries. This way, an overview of the entire service knowledge is always kept.

Awards for outstanding customer service

Simplesurance was voted the Best E-Commerce Insurance Company in 2018. In addition, they are proud holders of the eKomi Gold Seal. For this customer award, simplesurance is rated 4.8 out of 5 points. The service was rated 1.7 by TÜV Saarland. Together with the OMQ software, simplesurance manages to keep customer satisfaction at a very high level through high service quality and instant real-time answers.