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Case Study simplesurance – Interview with Manuel Kester

In this interview Manuel Kester from simplesurance talks about the use of the OMQ customer-service-software and how many customer inquiries are answered automatically by OMQ.

Caroline Schnettler

July 11, 2019 · 3 min read

At our first OMQ event Customer Centricity at Hackescher Markt in Berlin our speaker Manuel Kester (COO, simplesurance GmbH) gave a presentation about the use of OMQ software at simplesurance GmbH.

After the exciting workshop, we took a closer look at the simplesurance case study in an interview with Manuel Kester.

What does the simplesurance GmbH do?

Simplesurance has developed a platform for simple access to insurance. The core business Simplesurance has started with is cross-selling solutions in the e-commerce sector. There, they offer a one-stop solution that can be easily integrated into online shops. The online shops can then offer their customers insurance products and warranty extensions via simplesurance. This takes place as part of the online shop’s check-out process. In addition, the company offers the B2C website Schutzklick, where end customers can insure their equipment for up to 3 months after purchase. As the newest product, simplesurance has developed a Broker App, which acts as a digital broker for the customer and trades the entire insurance portfolio.

What was the biggest challenge for your customer service?

The biggest challenge for simplesurance was the rapid growth of the company. Especially when it comes to the sale of insurance and claims management, customers have many questions and need support. It is a challenge to answer all these questions in time and to provide high-quality answers. In addition, the simplesurance process is completely digitalized and automated, which means high customer expectations in terms of response time.

What were the selection criteria to integrate OMQ?

One of the main reasons for choosing OMQ was the very fast and easy integration. Another reason is that OMQ can be used internationally and supports over 30 languages. Which is of course very important for an internationally active company. Manuel Kester mentions the third reason in addition to the simple and intuitive user interface. The service agents can use the system immediately without training. The cleverness of the technology - “The Magic behind the Scene” - enables quick and automatic answers to customer questions.

What is the improvement with the use of OMQ?

The biggest improvement is the fact that with the use of OMQ Contact and OMQ Help up to 76% of the service questions can be solved before sending them to the website. Of course, this is also a big advantage for the customer, as he receives an immediate answer to his question. By reducing the number of customer questions to be answered, customer service is relieved.

How did the integration take place in your company? What about different languages and countries?

The website of simplesurance is available in several languages. The integration was very simple, because only a code snippet provided by OMQ had to be inserted into the system of simplesurance. The customer service team was then able to independently set different languages and enter the questions and answers into the knowledge base.

What are the solution rate of OMQ Contact and OMQ Help? How many requests are intercepted in the self-service process?

With OMQ Help, the average solution rate is 61%. The rate is very constant over the whole year. With OMQ Contact, 76% of customer e-mails are resolved directly on the website before they are sent. Over 2000 queries are automatically answered on the website with OMQ every month before they are sent. This saves up to 10 percent of customer service work for simplesurance.

What distinguishes the customer service from simplesurance? Do you have any awards?

Simplesurance has received several awards for outstanding customer service. In the customer award eKomi Goldsiegel, simplesurance received 4.8 out of 5 points. This award is particularly impressive for the customer service of an insurance company that receives a large number of different customer inquiries. The company was also voted Best E-Commerce Insurance Company 2018 by customers via eKomi and BankingChek. TÜV gave the company a very good 1.7 rating for its customer service.