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This article will tell you about the coming changes on our blog and its transition to the OMQ Magazine. The new OMQ Magazine will about the topic of customer service automation.

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In the previous years, we set our focus on system updates in order to continuously improve our products. Throughout that time, we have extended our creative team as well and have reached the point where we want to remodel our blog fundamentally.

We want to let you participate in all the experiences that we’ve had in the past ten years, so that we can support you and your customer service ideally in the future. Since we’ve supported a lot of leading companies with our automating software already, we know what good service has to look like. To share our knowledge all around this topic, we have made it our goal to revise our blog. We want to distribute our articles into various categories (eg.: Tutorials, Products,..) and therefore guarantee that any knowledge is available quickly and without any problems.

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The following article will give you an overview of our new blog with its categories:

What will change?

In the following weeks, our blog will transform into the “OMQ Magazine”. As mentioned, the blog will be set up like a magazine about service knowledge. We will divide it into different categories, so that you can extend your knowledge effectively. Besides the common articles about tutorials and our products, our “OMQ Magazine” will also include new ideas about customer focus and -communication, as well as automation.

Draft of the new blog design: OMQ Magazine

1. News

In our first category, you will find news all around OMQ. You will find, for example, information about updates, press releases, external press appearances or general news about the company.

2. How To’s

Tutorials, tips and tricks for Artificial Intelligence and Customer Service automation - this category is helping leading people in customer services, employees in customer management, as well as interested people who want to extend their knowledge in this field.

3. Helping Hands

In order to implement AI in a service, you need the right tools. Our tips can turn into reality simply with our products. This category will tell you how you can make your customer service more efficient and more appealing for your customers.

4. Events

We are happy to organize more events such as our big Rooftop-Event, AI-Business Meetups, Partner-Meetings or workshops in the future as well. The focus of our events lays on presenting new findings in customer service and to discuss them with you.

5. Professional Voices

Interviews and podcasts that we conduct with various customer service-experts in several fields such as E-Commerce, education, insurance, authority, transport or industry can be found in this category. We will have talks about use cases and field reports; but we will also embed external interviews that put us in the expert position.

6. Case Studies

Case Studies with our customers are important for us. That’s the reason why they will get their own category in our OMQ magazine. We will show how we automate service processes together with our customers and will take a look at certain developments. From integrating all the way to complete automation of reply processes - we illuminate every detail.

7. Scary New World

We don’t want to tell you too much about this category, but what we can say is: There’s no need to be afraid of AI!

… Or … is there?

Design of the new OMQ blog category: Scary New World

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What’s going to happen now…

Before refurbishing our blog, we - the editorial staff - want to introduce ourselves shortly. We will take care of all our blog articles in the future as well. We are an international team working on texts together since 2019.

Our editorial team consists of Anton Schäfer, Sophie Rodriguez and Yasmin Altmann, who write texts and publish them on our blog. Our technical articles are written by Tae-Gil Noh and Matthias Meisdrock, who’s our CEO. The artistic design is by Piotr Myszkowski, however, very soon Jens Tümmler will also take part in that. Caroline Schnettler is our event manager, but she also takes care of the editing of our texts and writes the OMQ newsletter. While our team mostly works on in-house contributions, we also show us outside the company with our second CEO, Sven Engelmann. Interviews, podcasts and meetings with our customers are his tasks.

We’re happy about the redesign of our blog and can’t wait to fill the new categories with content! In the course of this, we want to thank our customers. Stay up to date by reading our contributions, joining our newsletter or contacting us directly. We’re also happy to help you in the future and want to continue to support you. Stay healthy! :)

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