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An Overview of Our Products

This article gives an overview of our AI based products for customer service.

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OMQ offers AI-based software for customer service and user support, that can be implemented for businesses, educational institutions and authorities, among others. The requests are answered faster and more accurately with help of the automation of the answering process- and thus with less effort.

The following article gives an overview of our system and products.

What OMQ does

The core of the system is the OMQ knowledge base, that collects the information from all service channels and centrally manages it. All of OMQ products are connected to the centralized knowledge base, so that all communication channels are supply with the same service knowledge.

The knowledge base learns through our AI technology from all channels and with each request it becomes more accurate. The system uses feedback from customers as wells from service agents to optimize steadily the quality of the answers.

Right now, OMQ offers AI solutions for contact forms, help pages, chats, ticket systems and for e-mail replies. Our AI automates the answering processes and with this minimizes the manual work. In the following part, we give a deeper look into our products.

OMQ Contact

OMQ Contact is an automated contact form. As soon as the customer types his question, suitable answer options appear near the form. Since the customer can immediately see the appropriate answer for his question, he doesn’t submit his request. This way, OMQ Contact provides the fastest support and avoids the creation of tickets because of the customer requests being answered automatically.

OMQ Contact is not only friendly, but also has the following advantages:

  • the AI understands customers’ intention.
  • can be personalized to each site (branding!)
  • is also adjusted for smartphones and tablets.

Automate customer service with the intelligent contact form OMQ Contact

OMQ Help

We gave the name of OMQ Help to our self-search help page, that resembles a FAQ. Our AI acknowledges the present changed in customer behavior and organizes the entries in the help page according to their request frequency. By doing so, customers see the appropriate solutions right at first glance. OMQ Help learns in the background relevant terms and guides customers with the autocomplete directly to the right answer.

Some useful features are:

  • Easy navigation through clearly laid out categories.
  • Real time FAQ through user behavior tracking.
  • Changes in the knowledge base show up immediately on the help page.

Automate customer service with the dynamic help page OMQ Help

The following article might be of your interest, if you want to know more about OMQ Help: Never tired of your questions - OMQ Help

OMQ Chatbot

The OMQ Chatbot replies to customers’ requests automatically in a chat. Only if the chatbot doesn’t find a matching question, it will connect the customer to an agent, who can solve individual questions.

Thanks to text segmentation, images and links that appear as chat bubbles, the communication flows naturally and contributes to the customer satisfaction. The chatbot gives appropriate answers directly and is available for different instant messaging platforms (e.g.: WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, …) as well as for websites.

Some of the chatbot’s advantages are:

  • Easy interaction with precise answers.
  • Good conversation flow with the ability to have small talk.
  • Triggering of action in the background of the chat conversation (e.g.: change of delivery address).

Automate customer service with the smart OMQ Chatbot

Here you can find more reading material about our Chatbot:

OMQ Assist

OMQ Assist is integrated with an already existing ticket system to support service agents with answering requests. The software reads the e-mail automatically, as soon as the ticket is opened and then suggests a suitable answer straightway. The service agents must then simple choose one of the suggested answer options. In doing so, text blocks are then used to put up and e-mail and send it directly.

OMQ Assist…

  • has ready-to-go e-mail templates.
  • show a preview of directly in the answer field.
  • builds a reply quick with just a click.

With OMQ Assist, reply e-mails are sent with just one click

OMQ Reply

OMQ Reply brings ticket system straight to the e-mail inbox. Customer questions are automatically detected, replied and documented, in a way in which manual work from service agents is not necessary at all. Service agents can, then, focus on individual and more complicated requests.

Advantages of OMQ Reply:

  • all request in a same e-mail are handled.
  • the solutions are highlighted in the reply text.
  • saves solved requests as tickets.

With OMQ Reply, reply e-mails are automatically sent from the inbox

Why OMQ is the right choice

The whole system works out-of the box, because it possesses a basic understanding of the language and it doesn’t need to be pre-trained. Our AI based software understands the intentions and needs of the customer, thanks to the OMQ NLU Engines that are tailored for text understanding in the field of customer service. This way the system is able to have a tolerance for writing and grammar mistakes. The different ways of expression that a customer may have, do not play any role in the reply. Additionally, the system is ideal for international markets, since at the moment it supports customer service in 32 languages.

In addition to our knowledge base, we also use another module, that allows interactive answers. The OMQ Automator gathers relevant information from the customer and triggers an action in the background without disturbing the flow of the conversation. This makes it possible to have ready standard answering texts as well as complicated processes such as changing the delivery address automatically, without a service agent as a mediator.

Many satisfied clients speak for us. Read about our case studies and references to paint a better picture of us, or you contact us here. We are happy to hear from you! :)

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