OMQ in the Handelsblatt

„These founders are automating customer service via artificial intelligence“, is the title of the article about OMQ in the Handelsblatt newspaper.

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“These founders are automating customer service via artificial intelligence,” is the title of the article about OMQ in the Handelsblatt newspaper.

The article published by Handelsblatt deals with our founders Matthias Meisdrock (photo left) and Sven Engelmann and how they managed to become pioneers in the customer service software industry without any venture capital.

The founders of OMQ: Matthias Meisdrock and Sven Engelmann

The idea to found OMQ was born during Matthias Meisdrock’s time at university. At his workplace at the time, he heard service employees answering the same service requests every day in the neighboring office. OMQ GmbH was founded with the idea of automating these service processes and using the financial know-how of Sven Engelmann. OMQ has been on the market for almost 10 years now and digitizes the customer service of over 100 leading companies such as Deutsche Bahn and Klingel Group. Without the help of investors, OMQ is growing by 50 to 70 percent annually and operates at a profit.

With the help of artificial intelligence, OMQ software analyzes customer inquiries and answers them automatically. The new OMQ Chatbot can communicate autonomously with customers and carry out orders such as a change of address or a cancellation independently. OMQ supports over 30 different languages, is self-learning and works immediately “out of the box”. Standard queries only have to be answered once and then enter the knowledge database. OMQ then answers the queries automatically.

„You have hit a nerve on the market.“, says Handelsblatt. (…) Olaf Seliger says that several full-time positions can be saved by using the OMQ software.

But that’s not what the head of customer service at the InsurTech company friendsurance is interested in. With the OMQ software, the focus is on answering complex and individual customer enquiries, since the standard questions no longer have to be answered manually.

OMQ’s next goal is to implement an algorithm that is based on a meta-model of the language and can classify new queries without having previously seen customer-specific data.