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Our AI Solution Helps with The Delivery of The Correct Information In The Corona Crisis.

In this article, we show solutions that can help authorities ensure the correct conveying of information about the Coronavirus

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The situation in which the world is in right now, is unparalleled. COVID-19 has a firm grip on us and limits our lives considerably. With the ban on meetings, closings of shops, and a possible curfew - it is understandable that many people are unsettled. It is all the worse when false reports are circulating on the Internet and are constantly spreading through Facebook and other social networks. Another factor, that has been harmful for the whole situation, are the confusing websites from health authorities and other organizations, who are trying to give the right information.

In this article, we focus on the problems of communication that currently prevail and offer solutions that help to ensure the precise distribution of correct information and answers to recurring questions about the coronavirus.

What Problems Are The Authorities Currently Facing?

We all know the following situation: You have a question, look for a suitable answer on the Internet and end up on a website with a confusing FAQ page. You have to go through all the entries before finding the one that best fits your own question. However, we do not like to search, we like to find - and it’s better when we find a solution quickly. Federal authorities, such as the Robert Koch Institute, who provide important information, also need a clear help page.

Another problem, that authorities are currently struggling with, is the constant flooding of the telephone networks. Not only offices like the health department are affected, but also the employment agency or the job center. The frequency of requests is increasing enormously and not every call can be processed. Most callers do not even arrive at the other end of the queue due to providers’ collapse.

In addition, office work is increasingly being done as home office, which means that service work can only be done to a limited extent. It is very clear that these circumstances are completely new to everyone and therefore we also have to deal with new problems.

To sum it up, the following points pose major challenges for authorities:

  • Confusing websites.
  • Overloading telephone networks.
  • Overwhelming the employees.
  • answering recurring questions manually.

How Can Modern Technology Help to Solve These Issues

The overall situation shows how privileged we are. Thanks to smartphones and the Internet, despite the “social distance”, we have the opportunity to get in touch with our friends and loved ones. In addition, we can stock up on groceries, luxury goods and even medicines through online retailers without leaving our house. So it makes sense to look for and find the solution to the aforementioned problems in our advanced technologies too!

Our artificial intelligence is the key. Our AI is ready to use out-of-the-box and learns independently. After entering a value, a result follows directly. We can support authorities and organizations in solving the problems with our AI-based software.

Another advantage of our advanced technologies are the modern communication channels, which are basically available to everyone. These include for example, chatbots or other communication systems that can be implemented in websites (Email, ticket systems, help pages and contact forms, etc.). Together with Userlike, we also offer a connection to WhatsApp, which are easier and faster to reach for many people.

How Do You Implement These Solutions?

Of course, you cannot implement the aforementioned solutions alone. It is difficult to keep a cool head in crisis situations and not to jump into a project indiscriminately. At OMQ, we have adapted our software for authorities, in order to ensure the accurate dissemination of correct information to society.

The knowledge base of OMQ is our central element, which represents an information system across all channels. This can ensure a quick distribution of information that answers citizens’ questions. Our system can be used across Europe because it supports all European languages and also has a very high use potential in the long term.

Out In The Field

In order to show the problem and the solution again, we looked at the website infektionsschutz.de. This is to guarantee information about the new type of coronavirus. Of course, all the important information can be found on the page, but it is very difficult to find your way around. The page is not user-friendly. At the beginning there is a structure, but you start to scroll and have to find the right entry yourself.

OMQ Demo: Screenshot FAQ auf infektionsschutz.de

To assist with this, we offer OMQ Help. OMQ Help is a dynamic help page with questions and answers (FAQs), that changes according to the user behavior in real time. The automatize autocomplete suggests solutions in real time as you type.

OMQ Help Screenshot Demo auf infektionsschutz.de

With OMQ Help it looks very different: A dynamic help page with a search field that suggests solutions as you type. In addition, categories that simplify the search at first glance. With the use of OMQ Help, the entire page looks much clearer and still offers all the knowledge that is needed.

Our second example is the introduction of OMQ Contact. It integrates an interactive contact form to the website. Through Artificial intelligence, it already understands the concerns of the user when they are writing the message, and proposes a suitable solution. It does not matter how the message is written or phrased, because the AI understands the intention of the question. This form would also optimize and improve the page.

OMQ Contact Screenshot Demo auf infektionsschutz.de

Chatbots - A Case Study

An example for the implementation of our chatbot in authorities’ websites is that a lot of people cannot go to the doctor or do not know to whom they should turn to with their questions. Through the chatbot function, general questions can be asked and directly answered. While doin that, the same information can be accessed from the centralized knowledge base. The chatbot can assess by its own means the situation, and whether or not it can help the user. When it determines that the user has an individual question, then it connects them with a service agent.

OMQ Chatbot Demo für Userlike zum Thema Corona Virus

Together with Userlike, we additionally offer a connection to a range of instant messaging services such as Whatsapp, among others. This makes the use easier for the end user and tunes in with the need of younger target groups.

OMQ Chatbot Demo für Whatsapp zum Thema Corona Virus

We are there for you

In the current situation, it is important that we remain calm and above all, take care to curb fear and insecurity. With our solution, the correct exchange of information can be guaranteed, thus reducing uncertainty. If you have any questions for us or want to use our software, please contact us here. We are looking forward to supporting you :)

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