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OMQ Contact

Real-time Answers for your Contact Form

OMQ Contact answers your service requests directly in the contact form. Your customers get an immediate answer and your customer service team does not have to reply manually. Just easily integrate OMQ Contact to your contact form.

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Over 100+ companies trust in OMQ

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Fastest integration
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GDPR compliant

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Reduces requests and manual work of agents

Answer customer inquiries immediately with AI

Questions in the contact form are answered immediately with OMQ Contact, as OMQ's AI understands the intention of customer queries, no matter how the question is phrased. As a result, suitable answers are displayed, which means that the questions are not sent to customer service.

Our AI:

works out-of-the-box
is pre-trained and self-learning
supports 32 languages
gets better with every request
Real-time answers in contact form

Data protection - always on the safe side

Our anonymization algorithm that removes all personal data, ensures that our AI software is data protection-compliant. Our software is developed and hosted in Germany.

100% GDPR compliant
Developed in Germany
Hosted in Germany
Contact form with data privacy seal

Fast integration

You can easily integrate the extension into your contact form within 10 minutes.

API: Copy two lines of source code on your website.
Plugin: Integrate OMQ Contact with a few clicks into your shop or your CMS system.
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OMQ Contact as a plugin

Reduce service requests significantly

Surprise your customers with an immediate response where they don't expect it. Not only will your customers love it but your team will also be happy about less tickets in the ticket system.

customers receive a response immediately
customer satisfaction increases
manual work is reduced
time and money are saved
OMQ Contact als Plugin
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The holistic system for your customer service

Automate processes and manage your service knowledge across all channels in real time

OMQ Automator Automate Your Service Processes

The Automator asks for relevant customer data and then displays customized answers.

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Knowledge database All Channels - One Knowledge Base

With the central knowledge database, you can answer your customers questions more efficiently on all channels.

Discover our knowledge base

We improve customer service of 100+ leading companies.

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With only little effort you can reduce your service volume by half.

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