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Capture your beautiful moments - Myphotobook and fotokasten convince with high-quality products and outstanding services.


Industries: Ecommerce

Customer since: Juni 2015

Region: Europe

Employee: 1863

Sales: 220 millionen

d|o|m Deutsche Online Medien is a full-service provider in the field photo service and customisable photo products. fotokasten GmbH and myphotobook GmbH are their most popular subsidiaries in Germany

The complete OMQ system in use

Deutsche Online Medien is a provider of high-quality photo products and belongs to the internationally active Elanders Group. At the Berlin and Stuttgart locations, there are currently around 80 employees.

In addition to the new technology for the photo products, Deutsche Online Medien also wants to improve the quality of customer service by using the latest technologies. To achieve this goal, they opted for OMQ's intelligent systems. The products OMQ Contact and OMQ Help are used. OMQ Contact extends existing contact forms of the online shops, myphotobook and photo box. OMQ Help is also integrated on the website and resembles a FAQ, which provides questions and answers to the end customer.

OMQ Results

  • Customer experience also seasonal
  • Uniform customer service in 12 European countries
  • Automation of support processes
  • Cost reduction of employee training courses


For more than a year Deutsche Online Medien GmbH has been working with the OMQ knowledge base management. The realisation consists of three development steps. In the first step, the OMQ Contact was implemented on the contact page of fotokasten and myphotobook. This makes it possible that customers receive suitable answers automatically and in real time.In the following, the OMQ Assist was integrated in the used ticket system. With this integration the service staff gets suitable text modules for incoming e-mails.

With the OMQ Help, used as dynamic FAQ, all relevant questions and answers can be displayed in the help section. Display and order of the FAQs are calculated based on a special probability theory. At the end of the last phase the Deutsche Online Medien GmbH uses a holistic approach for optimised customer support. The whole administration of questions and answers is realised from the easy to use OMQ knowledge base.

Service Center MyPhotobook

Used products:

OMQ Contact

OMQ Help

OMQ Assist


OMQ knowledge base is a central collection of information and is able to do the overall control in real time for all brands. Changes only have to be entered into the system once. Afterwards, they are available to all communication channels. In particular during the Christmas season it makes sense to use intelligent systems. That means an enormous number of recurrent customer requests has to be answered in a very short time.

We are still working and keeping our level high, when others already go on Christmas holiday. OMQ’s knowledge base is an elementary component of the quality of our service.

Deutsche Online Medien GmbH - Damir Svalina
Head of Marketing & Operations

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